The Institute
of Social Hypocrisy
& Art Zimbabwe

Vernissage 18:00 – 21:00
Saturday 19th March – 26th March 2011

Richard Parry
– Satellite Show

Non-participating artist Antony Gormley: "The Art Zimbabwe contemporary art fair and this satellite project are united in their ambition. In both cases, across both media, the desire is to highlight sculpture's unceasing fluidity."

Richard Parry: "Satellite Show will bring together a body of work, by a contemporary artist who has spent his formative years looking at sculpture and feeling its unrivaled international potency; The Institute of Social Hypocrisy helped to make this artist what he is. Now he is seeking to return the favour."

Non-participating artist and Turner Prize winner
Susan Philipsz: "The Institute of Social Hypocrisy is a laboratory of possibility for any creative mind. It is filled with works that reach across time and touch us intimately. Seeing Richard Parry's ICA exhibition in 2000 was what made me become a sculptor."

One night only! Drink beer with Richard Parry

The Satellite Show has been sponsored by
The Sol LeWitt Foundation for young emerging artists.
Richard Parry will also take part in Revolutionary Sculpture at The Guggenheim NYC later this year. Curated by Subodh Gupta

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