ISH# 22

Launched in Berlin 14th January at Sommer & Kohl
Launched in Paris10th February at Yvon Lambert
Launch in Oslo 25th February at the painting professor's office at The National Art Academy in Oslo

—The Sound
of Downloading
Makes Me
Want to Upload

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy invited an eclectic mix of artists, teachers, photographers, thinkers, writers and curators to respond to a brief, with a view to compiling a book of thoughts and images exploring the cultural influence of the internet on the way we absorb and share information.
Given completely free rein within the subject, contributors have submitted their own thoughts and experiences, each providing a different viewpoint on the concept in order to create a broad base of ideas and opinions.

The inspiration for the project came when Boullet found himself increasingly aware of the degree to which the information he sought on the internet, and thus his own perception of his knowledge, was influenced by the people uploading the information. As a hunter of facts, images and inspiration the downloader has infinite access to his quarry. The uploader, however, shares a very personal and subjective fragment of his world with his virtual audience.

Edited by Victor Boullet, the resulting collection of essays, images and musings reveals the disparate perspectives of the various up and downloaders. It illustrates how the internet is used and manipulated as a creative tool and is a font of information and communication at every level.

The book is in an edition of 1000 with around 352 pages printed in black and white on matt paper with the Institute's signature glossy cover and has been designed by Heyho in Paris.
by Victor Boullet

Peter J. Amdam
Markus Thor Andresson
Theodor Barth
Sophie Barth
Rasmus Thirup Beck
Victor Boullet
Merlin Carpenter
Lorenzo Cirrincione
Keren Cytter
Guy Debord
Bill Drummond
Paul Andreas Enger
Matias Faldbakken
Bentley Farrington
Ullrich Fichtner
Anna Franck
Gilbert & George
Evan Haning
Nate Harrison
Iselin Linstad Hauge
Karl Holmqvist
Jason Hwang
Marte Johnslien
Ray Johnson
Brian Kennon
Svein Kojan
Adam Kurdahl
Oliver Laric
Pablo Larios
Matthieu Laurette
David Lewis
Tobias Madison
Edie McKay
Bjarne Melgaard
Han Nefkens
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Tommy Olsson
Matt Packer
Richard Parry
Dr Nina Pearlman
Thomas Petitjean
Joe Scanlan
Chris Sharp
Sutton Lane
Kristian Skylstad
Kristina Skylstad
Brad Troemel
Jonathon F. Williams