PUBLIC POLEMIC PRACTICE is based in Paris. The .com domain stands for commercial, this is not a commercial practice or is it? I cannot stomach .org .net I think they are pathetic. .com is the mighty ruler of all internet portals. Artist and others with their names hooked to a .org or a .net please wake up and stand down, you are all hypocrites hiding from your own truth, you are all born .coms - please support .biz.
I am becoming .BIZ

This is a pretentious, naff and self-obsessed statement, read and juge it as you like.

Right in front of my big nose I see traditions die - cultures disappear. Like a local bakery being turned into a boutique for sunglasses or shoes where the mindless punters feed their vain needs. Some converted shops keep intact the old facade, ceiling or floor to show that they do care, hypocrites following an interior blog. Some hard working people are still surviving this economic climate, they are still clinging on after yet another supermarket is pushed into a space where a family has worked for several generations. For me these properties have a value that goes far beyond today's currency. Into these places / spaces / rooms I will integrate my work or rather my disconnected thoughts. These venues will act as my platform for public engagement, but the work will also rub up against the owners and their clients, touch their thoughts or craftsmanship, the latter something redundant in my own practice. For the one week that my work is on display the owner will unknowingly serve as my gallerist. People buying a banana can ask the him / her questions and the answer is not for me to control, and I do think that the answers will not derive from an art network rooted in academia with the correct names dropped into the conversation. The integrated work lacks provenance therefore it has no value. Can a butcher give my work a provenance which adds to its value? How can one decide value? and who decides this value, this so called quality, the correct provenance for our acceptance?

The thoughts regarding this practice will roam with time.(big ass)

Simultaneously I am working with Stian Gabrielsen who lives and works in Oslo, Norway on the oxymoron book project MONA. I feed him intimate details from my private life / walks in Paris. This raw material he freely takes control over and turns into his own personal pragmatic and very literal document. Cunningly we mix and change professions and names of real life characters so that we keep on top of this self made polemical hierarchy, we must survive in our negation in order to progress towards the real negative. The collaboration started in August 2012 when Stian Gabrielsen wrote a press release for Saturn The Flamingo which is now the first chapter of the book MONA, featuring Mona Høiness, a flamboyant Norwegian lawyer. (Who at the time was in a legal inherency battle with the family of Synnøve Anker Urdahl. Mona won it all, under very suspect circumstances based on a twenty year friendship) I love and adore Mona for all her social qualities and Stian Gabrielsen controls her every move like a jealous lover, he’s under her skin and with his viper fingers hammering his samsung keyboard he acts like the master of a puppet, he has become her God. All written material to date has been released online and can be found at various locations. (password is required). Pleased to announce that MONA will be launched in Casablanca 2014.

( For Stian Gabrielsen / polemicpopmusic (at) publicpolemic practice .com

I am guilty of stalking, I am in fact a lazy superficial stalker. The joy of surveilling Mona or a gallerist, a gallery, a shop owner, an artist, a butcher, a baker or an innocent restaurant guest is all part of my practice, or is it a social behavior that needs medical attention? To give you an naive example, I have followed a very tall strange looking man for about 8 years, I’ve got films and snaps. His name is Monsieur HaXXX(revealing name later). He wears sandals and his feet fascinate me, they are long, strange and a little bit red. I will film them, should really own them, all to come. I like the way his long awkward body can’t fit into my aesthetics of a tranquil daily scene, he annoys me. I have also installed work in the place where he eats every thursday, so in a way he knows me. And that is the point, this crossing of paths. This human curiosity turned into a stalking practice and then this polemical selfish use of it. London, 2000 till 2004 - I stalked a man without a nose. He walked around with a great big black hole in his face, how fascinating I thought, and how very selfish. That was then and today is now. let’s move on.


Paris - For V Boullet - tennis (at) publicpolemic practice .com

Stian Gabrielsen