Hello Iam name J K Kahn TK - Knuller - I figt to day - but works inndesgn later. plese send works i liv CAIRO.
soon tvittter you from me.


Make i fensinss paAris - manuy tankU comm sunn. SARIN bad

مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد

i hav gun but garrbag nov. beter cairo lifevs

I MAK POSTR OLSO Frenc mann ask - pai . thnks uuIdiot in Cairo


paint huse onkell my. jotun guodd works - my lady midle shee works

مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
I ned jobbbs send job to EGYPT
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
مصر بلد
  he take my seet  

me works jotun cardss paint veri veri guod

fren ok


i mak alls

thanks Uu

Frenstic Happizzness

name fro emall tankk u

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    I lik job ples send mor - monny


Hosni Mubarak is a idiot & kill people,
i giv name from that. he is an idiot . com (helps berlin, thgaks)
Egypt want new people to boss
تحيا مصر
My nam is James Kusdhil Khan look,
Life in Cairo is very good and sad.
I have mak site with blod to show you famili life is has been difficult.
i hav win prize book in Cairo - Egypt.
Please send work to me. I start in 2006.
i can do webpage simple and i have mac & program's. i hvae not any iphone or blakbaari . soon. send googl mail to me
idiot in cairo @ gmail . com
let work, i need little mony tank you.(+:s


work later

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thnk yous richard for mail monkey help (be PC) code.

ivil dud man NR 2 musilimm brotrss bad bad

son ded ivil man.he lik lacost fasion.stupid man

her me works.show
thnk u anna for helps and mony.i mak shes site
look me made. many works will show. boocks com form anna. push that bigs news

good polise men works many -


me jobig for nev women Eddy mkay nice jobs looks

i do lodon art man.monbey good


why U dose thin t to me. hackk me. stupid man doin me pain. i know not why

looks goolge email SMALL PEOPLE: W GALLERIYY HACK_MAN...


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ples send work. i me a nise . not bad. no hakk.

Tis is bad man / egypt not lik - arresting

I saw be U her Egypt good. work as me please send. et fudd.

I like. frin phots me. I am J K Khan. helo

i do back words.

i did do workchops very god. indesign & potsshops

se from job vindo. not nice men.

me ate days everydays

son. Mustafa Khan very boy are goods - bread boy

unkl hose big.
work. ples help money. i will works u for moneys days todays
help. i want to be tis.sadgoodds fuds:-(:-)