SALONG MALERI 5 day workshop
by victor boullet

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Salong Maleri

14th Oct to 18th Oct, 2013

Places and time will be announced closer to arrival.

Another pathetic attempt to join the masses, so here I am trying to understand why I chose this particular artistic path of survival.

The title for the week at the academy derives from a very personal conversation I had with Professor Dag Erik Elgin where he criticized a Norwegian painter by calling his oeuvre a tad Salong Maleri, an negatively biased expression. I do not disagree with Professor Dag Erik Elgin, but one has to be very aware of what one says in the company of a competitor, in this case me. The content of the conversation and the name of the person will never leave our private talk. Should or can a private dialogue colour one’s opinion regarding another artist’s work and life.

During the week at the Academy I would like to investigate private conversations / critiques towards friends and their art vs the public reading on the same topic. A humble attempt on how to understand it and why it feels good to slag others off.

Also on the agenda; why have a high level of art production? Are we scared of being forgotten? Are we defending our position? Our personal archive of work, what is it, where is it and how important is it? Why are some accepted and not others? Do we care? Why should we care? Why do people need to take control? Who are we?

During the week I will give a personal and visual lecture containing how I slag others off and the contradiction in my own work. This will be done somewhere comfortable, important, no?
Dag Erik Elgin will give a lecture about the history of Salong Maleri, why and how one can understand it and what the word means today.

I will also invite a guest lecturer. To be announced on that very same day.

I expect all students that attend to help, before, during and after. Via phone, sms and emails.
Please provide me with email addresses as soon as possible. (deleted)

I would like to have everything documented and made into a thick, fat fanzine. Need two / three students to be responsible for this. Edition of 5.

A tumblr web site with an communal email address will be opened September 2013 so that everyone can post individually. email address will be provided in August. (deleted)

We will also produce a silkscreen by 10 different artists, edition of 5. Myself and Dag Erik Elgin will make one each, and I need 8 other students to make the remaining 8. I need one person to be responsible for this.
This has to be done two to three weeks before the workshops starts. Title / content Salong Maleri. Where to be hung will be announced.

Also, I would like to orchestrate 5 very small happenings in Oslo during the week, and this for no reason. The work will be a recreation of an accident / incident found / come across in Paris by me, I would like them to reappear in Oslo as a work. Photos will be provided. So I need 5 students for that. More info to come.

Last but not least I would like 3 students to come forward to study three different Norwegian artists and give us a small lecture of 30 min each during our week.
The artists are Henrik Lund, Arne Kavli and Bernhard Folkestad.

Also, I have no reason to stay at the academy so the workshop will become a nomadic journey, all to be announced towards September 2013.
As we will picnic throughout the week the students themselves will make the food that we will eat, I am sure your professor Dag Erik Elgin will provide some help regarding hard cash.
Simple food is also good food.

A Weekplan / time schedule can be downloaded here

Victor Boullet
Paris late may 2013.

Lunch Sømveien 23, Kjelsås, Oslo
Lectures given by Students, Sømveien 23, Kjelsås, Oslo
Art Critic Stian Gabrielsen gives a talk on the street corner,  Tollbu Gaten and Dronninges Gate, Oslo

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