v The Harrow The Sparrow The Sorrow - In These GreatTimes - Frieze June / July / Aug 2014 - Vivian Sky Rehberg
vTHEHAROOWTHESPARROWTHESORROW - In These GreatTimes - Morgenbladet 2014 - Marit Paasche (Norwegian)
vIn These Great Times / Oslo Norway 2014- Maria Moseng (Norwegian)
vNINCOMPOOP / LEGACY Feb 2014 Les Inrocks par Pedro Morais (will be translated)
vNINCOMPOOP / LEGACY Feb 2014 - Paris (JT) / t-o-m-b-o-l-o par Camille Azaïs / html (will be translated)
vNO SEX NO FACE NO NOSE Kunstkritikk / Norway - by STIAN GABRIELSEN (xmas calender) (Norwegian)
Eleven Ways To Think About Boullet: A Review in Real Time NY Artsmagazineby Iddish Bing / html
Yellow Pong Monger ArtForum by Caroline Hancock
Fragmenter av en glemt modernist Kunstkritikk - TOR HOFF by Ingvild Krogvig (Norwegian)
Saturn Flamingo – 4-9-2012 - Mousse blog
Dailyserving Dr Jacobsen by Catherine Wagley
Halvor Rønning, Oslo 01.03.2011 NEW REALNESS(English)
Halvor Rønning, Oslo 01.03.2011 NEW REALNESS(Norwegian)
Cataloguemagazine by Damien Airault
Kaleidoscope / The ISH by Valerio del Baglivo
Art review Brooding Parasite Feeding Week By Chris Sharp
Billedkunst by Nina Sundbeck-Arnäs Kaasa (Norwegian)
Social Hypocrite av Nina Toft - 17.06.2007 (Norwegian)
a Joyful Confusion av Nina Toft - 17.06.2007 (Norwegian)
Absurdum by Robert Meyer (written 2002)

Essays / texts / from shows 2011/ 2012 / 2013 / 2014
WELCOME_TO_THE_BATHTUB by Stian Gabrielsen as part of the P.P.T.I Oslo 2014 show.
20 originale lysbildefilmer fra Norsk kunst fra Reformasjonen til i dag 1955-90 (NORWEGIAN version)
A Norwegian Bureaucrats Shower Song by Victor Boullet for PRIVATE.PUBLIC.TRANSIT.INHERITANCE / Photographers Gallery Oslo 2014
Pressrelease for PRIVATE.PUBLIC.TRANSIT.INHERITANCE / Photographers Gallery Oslo 2014
Inventory List PRIVATE.PUBLIC.TRANSIT.INHERITANCE / Photographers Gallery Oslo 2014
Inventory List The Harrow The Sparrow The Sorrow 2014 / Kuntnernes Hus Oslo
A Legacy Worth Nothing - Press R / VB – 2014
Acceptance in Action (Part 1) - Essay by Victor Boullet 2013
Conceptual Disappointment - Essay by Victor Boullet 2013
RangnarHypocritSON - critic by VB Malmø 2013
Child Prodigy - Press release 16 Dec 2013
Chopin Rode a Donkey - Press release 25 Nov 2013
Das Official Press Release -Das Poppycock Talent (extract) 2013
Das Mutter poem by Victor Boullet
NeoCampari by Stian Gabrielsen for Moder Matter (neocampari.com) 2013
Yellow Pong Monger A2 poster (Merci - Stian Gabrielsen)- Galerie Joseph Tang Paris 2012
Tor Hoff (1925 - 1976) with Per Hovdenakk / Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway
Inventory List Saturn the Flamingo Oslo 2012
Saturn the Flamingo / NoPlace Oslo 2012 (teaser)
Thou Adidas Monger 2012
Kronos Index for ESTATE OF 2012
Kronos text for Antenne Publishing (London) 2012
Emails sent to Joseph Tang from the 2nd January 2012
Anstruther Scotland A2 A3 A4 – Galerie Joseph Tang Paris 2012
Bonus – Shanaynay Paris December 2011

Other pdfs / debris
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Neo Campari Official Poster 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Coppertone Girl Poster 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Coppertone Girl Posters 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Check List 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Poster Private Room 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Poster Monet 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Poster VB 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - Poster SG 2013
NEO CAMPARI ARCHIVE pdfs - The Essay 2013
Card for Dog show in London 2013
Mutter signed DG card. Collection EVB
Tor Hoff Flyer for Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
Poster 1 from - He is an Idiot / Cairo
Kronos Poster by Hey Ho 2012
Kronos Flyer for London Launch 29 june 2012
Monger DPS for Fanzine - Pussy Roit - Paris 2012
MORPION DPS Single PAGE was made for Witnas issue 7 - 2012
Postcard for SCREW THE ETHICS? - Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway - 2006

Found / given / stolen text - I hate and like some of it. (got lots, more rubbish coming(last on top)
read WhytheartworldneedstoditchtherichRussiansArtanddesignTheGuardian.pdf
read TheNewDepthinesse-flux.pdf
read TheArtofExtinction-TheNewYorker.pdf
read Tescotoclose43storesdespitebetterChristmassales.pdf
read TatianaBergStandUpPainting-Page-InterviewMagazine.pdf
read ReviewLouiseBourgeois-AdultMag.pdf
read PeterM.BrantWikipediathefreeencyclopedia.pdf
read ParisReviewTheArtofFictionNo206MichelHouellebecq.pdf
read OttoMuehl-GoogleSearch.pdf
read MOMA_1978_0060_56.pdf
read KillerthugtheBootlebullytobefreedfromprisonLiverpoolEcho.pdf
read JohnSzarkowskiCuratorofPhotographyDiesat81-NewYorkTimes.pdf
read HeideggerWegHeideggersPathPartIITheFrenchConnectionΕΥΩΧΙΑSightSmellTasteand.pdf
read GallianoenjoyssolemnrehabilitationwithfirstshowforMaisonMargielaFashionTheGuardian2 10.35.27.pdf
read GalleristGavinBrownWontSellOutMagazine.pdf
read BillMurrayInterview-BillMurrayonWesAndersonMoonriseKingdom-Esquire.pdf
read 93_aw-wsj-13.jpg
read 20150107171028368.pdf
read PressreleaseFredrikVærslevItGirl.pdf
read TheProjectGutenbergeBookofLocusSolusbyRaymondRoussel.pdf
read INPICTUREsBeatlebrotherMikeMcCartneysimagesofLiverpools.pdf
read zingmagazine19.pdf
read R.B.KITAJandDAVIDHOCKNEYCollageofaLifelongFriendship032cWorkshop
read Why-Does-So-Much-New-Abstraction-Look-the-Same-vulture.pdf
read 2014_6_Art_in_America_HZ.pdf
read Afterall _Online_JosefStraus_Throwaway_Economy.pdf
read judd.SPECIFIC.OBJECTS.pdf
read zacheta_catalogue_komplett_web.pdf
read Woolf_DeathoftheMoth.pdf
read WhyIHatePostInternetArt.pdf
read WasNietzscheRightAboutReligionTheNewRepublic.pdf
read TheIntellectualandOtherWanderingsofWalterBenjamin-TheNewRepublic.pdf
read skaftun_solstad.pdf
read P.pdf
read misinformed_fanzine.pdf
read locussolus.pdf
read LarsUlrichInterviewTheTalks.pdf
read journal_of_material_culture-1996-gell-15-38.pdf
read jk_interview_eng.pdf
read g_f.pdf
read FriezeMagazineArchiveMichaelKrebber.pdf
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read Differentstrokes-AlteredStatesofPaintTheScotsman.pdf
read Deutsche Bank_ArtMag_70_feature_No_Place_like_Home_The_2012_Whitney_Biennial.pdf
read DagSolstadsåpningstaletElmgreen_DragsetAstrupFearnleyMuseet.pdf
read ChanelGoesSupermarketChicTheStyleCon.pdf
read cezannedoubt.pdf
read CensorshipandTheFemaleBody_PetraCollins.pdf
read Biography_Wade_Guyton.pdf
read Athletic-Aesthetics.pdf
read Against_Cynicism-The_New_Republic.pdf
read Altered-States-leaflet.pdf
read Afterall-Journal-How-to-Write-About-Jutta-Koether.pdf
read A-Painting-with-a-History-Henie-Onstad-Kunstsenter.pdf
read a-movable-feast-bookforum.com-current-issue.pdf
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read 2010_josef_strau_serpentine_cat.pdf
read 0911djoselit.pdf
read Erkjennelsens_porter.30.1.13-CMALMB.pdf
read løveløs_sveinkojan.pdf
boullet read db3683e6.pdf
boullet read news113.pdf
boullet read KelseyCollectionArtforum2004_2012.pdf
boullet read Silk_Scarf_by_GraysonPerry_DesignerClothing atTateShop.pdf
boullet read A_Wake-Up_Call_for_YSLs_PR_Team_BoF_The_Business_of_Fashion.pdf
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boullet read ecd8.pdf
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boullet read judd.SPECIFIC.OBJECTS.pdf
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read OPENRAP_URD.pdf
read When Meals Played the Muse - New York Times.pdf
read THE_MIDDLE_CLASS_endnotes.pdf
read uk_bl_ethos_421980.pdf
read William Burroughs - the original Junkie | Books | The Guardian.pdf
read kaprow_untitled.pdf
read Shia LaBeouf 'retiring from all public life' | Film | theguardian.com.pdf